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Orange You Excited For New Spring Dresses?

Hey cutie!

I've got good news for you... target is releasing the CUTEST spring dresses at affordable prices. Do you want more good news? Target restocked my favorite dress from this season! It has all of my favorite things...tie-straps, drop hem, and ORANGES!!

When I first saw this pattern, I squealed and immediately added it to cart! Target always has the cutest outfits, but I remember thinking to myself, there is no way this dress is at Target for ONLY $25!! THIS FEELS LIKE STEALING! I'm here to tell you that this is REAL life, Target has done it again!

I'm in between sizes (XS/S), so I decided to order a small in this dress, and it fits perfectly! I was a bit nervous about the length since I'm a true midi and maxi girl, but I found this dress to be a fun twist to my normal wardrobe! It's flattering and slimming, without being skin-tight or too short.

I think we can ALL appreciate an attached slip for white dresses, and this one has it! The slip cuts off at the drop hem, but it's not too sheer! I also appreciate the tie-straps because it allows for a custom fit. Have you gotten the point that I'm obsessed with this dress?

I have a feeling this is one piece I’ll be wearing in so many ways this spring and summer. Thankful for the open back and breathable fabric here on the island! Are you looking for a more casual style? Trade the heels out for some white sneakers and throw on a straw hat, and you have a completely new look. Oh, and don't forget a jean jacket!

Now excuse me while I stock up on affordable dresses! I won't leave you hanging though, check out what I'll be adding to my cart below from Target!

With Joy,



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