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SO happy you are here!! I'm Rachel, the creator behind 'RachelntheCityy.' 

I hope my little piece of the internet brightens your day!

I'm a small-town girl from Georgia who found her charming Yankee that whisked her away to Puerto Rico. Talk about dreams coming true...a hunk for a husband + the island life! However, we moved from the island in 2021 and now live in the best city in the world-- New York City. 

I love to fill my life with color-- hand-picked flowers, tropical sunsets, and my closet. I've always loved a colorful wardrobe, but I truly believe it was born through the inspiration of Puerto Rico. I hope you enjoy feminine and ultra-colorful style because that is what you will find here! I love to show women that dressing modestly is a beautiful thing even when the world screams the opposite at us! You'll find me roaming the streets of NYC in a midi or maxi dress most days, when the weather permits!  

But above all these things, I desire to be a woman who pursues Christ first and foremost. 


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