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A Hidden Fashion Gem

When I was first transitioning my style from shorter to longer dresses, I found it impossible to find long/midi dresses in abundance. Then COVID-19 entered the world in 2020 and reintroduced the 'house dress.' A true blessing for a woman fully transitioning her closet to midi and maxi dresses. The best thing about a house dress is that you can go from lounging on your couch to walking out the door ready for date night looking timeless in 2.2 seconds.

I recently came across the ULTIMATE 'house dress' brand! I saw the infamous hand-block patterns throughout the Instagram page and thought, "I'm obsessed, but this probably cost an arm and a leg'." If you are familiar with some hand-block lines, you know they can run quite expensive, but the quality is typically worth it. However, to my shocking surprise, this shop has the most affordable, classic, timeless, quality dresses I've found yet. Again, I've transitioned my ENTIRE closet, so I've done quite the research, trust me!

I chatted with the owner Sally and knew this would be a brand/shop that I would support forever, and I mean forever! Like myself, she is also a traveler and lived in France for three years with her family. There she was inspired by the wonderful island of Île de Ré'. So the clothing and accessories you see on are inspired by the charming seaside markets in France.

I'm happy to announce that Le Bazar Coastal will be included in November's Holiday "Giftaway." Keep an eye out for my giftaway posting on Instagram. One of my absolute favorite dresses will be included, and I'm thrilled to give it away to one of my followers. If you are like me and can't wait until the giftaway and want to purchase a darling dress now - use my code RICO for 15% off. I hope you find the same joy I found in supporting this amazing small business. Happy Shopping! If you click the photos below, they will take you directly to the dresses pictured.


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